Simplify Your Life

Our mission is to simplify your financial lives and help you build financial confidence to live life as you choose.

Five-Step Process

We follow a five-step process designed to determine the optimal approach to manage your assets and customized towards your unique financial needs and objectives.

Unparalleled Service

You can expect objective and professional advice and our strict confidence. Receiving courteous service from every member of our team and periodic financial reviews.

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Guided Wealth Portfolios

A digital investing solution that allows you to invest online with a low starting minimum and low-cost all while reaching your financial goals. You get a diversified portfolio personalized for you and your individual investment goals.


Gazall Investment & Wealth Management offers a number of investment options customized to meet your financial goals. These options include: stocks, bonds, educational investments, traditional IRA, and much more.

Financial Planning

Financial planning gives you a plan to achieve your financial goals through different life stages. A thorough plan can help you best achieve these goals as you move through life. We create a comprehensive plan to obtain your goals including retirement planning, 401K planning, profit sharing plans, and much more. 


We believe carrying the correct amount of insurance for your situation is paramount to the financial planning process. Helping you balance the need for security and liquidity. We assist with multiple types of insurance including life, long term care, business insurance, disability insurance, and buying/selling insurance. 

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A Non-Cookie Cutter Approach

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you start to think about investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and all the other factors involved. There are no easy answers.

A cookie cutter approach is not the ideal solution. Each aspect is important individually, but they must be managed to work together to best meet your unique goals and objectives.

About Us

"Investing in the equity markets should be a marathon and not a sprint. I take a long-term view using prudent risk management."

-Joe Gazall

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